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What is a Merge/Purge?
To identify and eliminate duplicate records within and throughout participating house, rental and suppress lists for a direct mail campaign.

All Merge/Purges are not alike! Our 50 years of experience has allowed us to develop a proprietary Merge/Purge package that performs consumer and business to business dupe elimination with complete match criteria flexibility.

Consumer Merge/Purge
Consider this scenario:You have a house file that includes the last five years of product buyers. Some are catalog buyers, others are space buyers (response from magazine and newspaper ads), and others from your store's walk-in customers.
Along with these buyers you have rented various lists of prospects, some of whom may already be your customers. All but a few arrived on mag tape but you have some lists on floppy disks.
You are going to test five direct mail strategies, varying copy and price to test the marketplace. You would like a good geographic cross section of your mailing area for each test but would like to maximize your postage discounts.
...and of course, everything has to be completed yesterday!
Our Smart Merge/Purge saves the day! Your house file will be key coded to allow any amount of factors within your file to be analyzed, your rental files will be reformatted as they arrive and all will be converted in-house. Our daily Merge/Purge progress reports will be e-mailed and/or uploaded for on-line access.
Our Smart Merge/Purge will flag all multi hits using your uniquely designed match criteria. You may request one per household, multi member per household, or design your own match. At your request, these can be rekeyed or flagged for future use. All lists can be assigned specific priorities as to which list retains the mailable record if a duplicate is found. Or, for a balanced assignment of duplicates, Our Smart Merge/Purge offers an equal weight multi assignment or any or all of your participating files .

New Feature!!Prioritized EqualWeight Segmentation
Your inbound list can now have balanced multi's within ranked groupings. If you are ordering 50 lists that are proven winners, in combination with 50 first-time test lists, you can maintain equal weight distribution of your multi's among your proven winners and a lower priority yet equal weight among your test lists.
Reports include a one line per list synopsis for a simplified overview of the results. This includes a detail of each participating list that clearly describes interaction of the lists by summarizing how many uniques and duplicates were found from each list to each other lilst. More so, it also includes a frequency report that describes comparative multi-density for marketing analysis.
These reports can be provided on standard computer forms, a convenient 8 1/2" x 11" magazine size format (our most widely requested format) or even on magnetic media for importing into your word processor, spreadsheet or database package.

Business to Business Merge/Purge
How do you dupe eliminate to ensure maximum response without overkilling or underkilling the amount of pieces being delivered to each business?
Can you compare "one per person" versus "one per company" and allow a post merge/purge decision on which way to go?
Can you suppress entire businesses that exist on your house list yet dupe eliminate using individual names within your participating files?
Can we process before all tapes are in, then use the prior mailing as a suppress?
CREATIVE PROCESSING FOR BETTER MARKETING! Our Business to Business Merge/Purge makes available pre-merge/purge optioning that allows useful experimentation for clean dupe elimination. Our proprietary package, developed over a ten year period, skillfully produces a custom dupe elimination criteria based on your industry's geographic and demographic criteria.
Each industry has its unique synonyms that are used interchangeably within the title and company name fields. Using each mailer's individual table of synonyms, We can increase valid dupe matches by logically comparing business names and incorporating your synonym table into the dupe elimination match criteria.